VOffice operates world-class virtual office in Hong Kong


Expand your business with a Virtual Office business address in Hong Kong as Low as HK$68/mo.

About VOffice

VOffice is an expert and also a leader of virtual office services in Hong Kong. Our success is built on the quality client services provided by our team of professionals.  You can completely reply on our specialists to handle your mails, faxes and calls. Now signing up for virtual office is easier, simply by doing everything and pay online.

Whatever reason you don't want to continue with our virtual office services, we will refund you the full payment

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​      ​International Mail Forwarding

Not living in Hong Kong? Check out our mail forwarding solutions to get your mails from wherever you are.  VOffice offers a comprehensive range of mail forwarding solutions to send your mails or parcel to any destinations in the world.

​​     50% Off on Meeting Room

VOffice provides on-demand meeting facilities in prime CBD location.  Our seaview meeting rooms are beautifully designed and come with different sizes to suit your requirements.  Telephone and internet are also available with no extra charge.