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Free Company Name Check Services

When choosing your company name, follow these rules:

1. Uniqueness

You can’t use a name that is in use or in the process of being registered.

2. Government Names

Any name which could give the impression that the company is connected to the Hong Kong government or any government department is strictly prohibited.

3. Language

You can choose the company name either in English or in Chinese or in both languages.  Please bear in mind, that a combination of Chinese and English characters is prohibited.

4. Limited vs. Ltd

The English company name must end with “Limited” (Limited in English or its equivalent in Chinese). Ltd is not allowed.

Please note that we will not reserve the name or file any application with the Companies Registry of Hong Kong  until you have placed an order. Get started today to ensure your desired business name is not registered by someone else.


  • English Name should only include A-Z and/or 0-9, and must be ended with “Limited”.

  • Chinese Name could also be provided if needed. (e.g. ABC Limited 甲乙丙有限公司).