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Our team of qualified Company Secretarial Staff is very well equipped with all the necessary professional skills and knowledge to advise our clients and ensure your company complying with the local laws and regulations while you can stay focusing on growing your business.​ 

vOffice is a holder of TCSP licence (Trust and Corporate Service Provider) in Hong Kong with over 20 years of experience serving thousands of corporate clients.​​

Over 20 years of experience serving thousands of Entrepreneurs,​​ vOffice is your most desired Company Secretary​ and Administrator​​​​​​​

Our Scope of Work

​Each Hong Kong company must appoint a qualified Company Secretary who resides in Hong Kong and is knowledgeable and experienced with the relevant local laws and regulations.  Company Secretarial Service includes the following scope of work:

  • Acting as Company Secretary of your Hong Kong company as required by the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance.

  • Ensuring your company complying with all the local laws and regulations

  • Acting as Coordinator between your company and the Government authorities, e.g. Inland Revenue Department, Companies Registry, etc.

  • Liaise with auditor for annual statutory audit on secretarial records

  • Advice on matters regarding secretarial/statutory/compliance/accounting/tax

  • Annual Return preparation and submission to the Hong Kong Companies Registry

  • Maintenance of Company Statutory Book, Register of Shareholders, Register of Directors, Significant Controllers Register, etc

  • Obtaining new Business Registration Certificate upon renewal

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​​​​​​Company Secretarial Service

HK$1,299 per year​​​​

Company Secretary Fee HK$1,299 per year


Why Do You Need a Company Secretary for Your Hong Kong Incorporated Company?

Incorporating a company in Hong Kong offers numerous advantages, including a stable legal system, a business-friendly environment, and a simple tax regime. As part of the incorporation process, it is a legal requirement for every Hong Kong company to appoint a company secretary. This article will discuss the importance of a company secretary, their roles and responsibilities, and how they can be instrumental in the success of your business venture in Hong Kong. Furthermore, we will explain why vOffice's professional company secretarial services are the ideal choice for your business.

A Legal Requirement

The Hong Kong Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622) stipulates that every company incorporated in Hong Kong, whether limited by shares or guarantee, must appoint a company secretary. This appointment must be made within 15 days of the company's incorporation or within six months for a non-Hong Kong company. The company secretary must be a resident in Hong Kong or a legal entity with a registered office in Hong Kong. Failure to comply with this requirement can result in hefty penalties, including fines and even imprisonment. Therefore, having a company secretary is not just a matter of good business practice but also a legal obligation.

Company Secretary's Roles and Responsibilities

A company secretary is responsible for ensuring that the company complies with all the relevant statutory requirements, regulations, and corporate governance practices. The key roles and responsibilities of a company secretary include:

1. Maintaining statutory records and registers

A company secretary is responsible for maintaining the company's statutory records, including the register of members, directors, and secretaries. They also need to keep a record of the company's share capital and any transfers, allotments or redemptions of shares. These records must be kept up-to-date, and any changes must be reported to the Companies Registry within the stipulated timeframes.

2. Filing statutory returns and documents

It is the company secretary's duty to prepare and file annual returns and other statutory documents with the Companies Registry. These include notices of change in directors or secretaries, share allotments, and changes in the company's registered office. Timely and accurate filing is crucial to avoid penalties and maintain the company's good standing with the registry.

3. Organizing board meetings and general meetings

A company secretary plays a pivotal role in organizing board meetings and general meetings, ensuring that all the necessary documentation is prepared, and the meetings are conducted in accordance with the company's articles of association and relevant laws. This includes drafting agendas, preparing and distributing board papers, and taking minutes of the meetings.

4. Ensuring compliance with corporate governance practices

The company secretary is responsible for ensuring that the company adheres to good corporate governance practices. This involves monitoring changes in the regulatory environment, advising the board on their duties and responsibilities, and ensuring that the company's policies and procedures align with the latest requirements.

5. Acting as a communication channel

A company secretary acts as a communication channel between the company and its shareholders, the Companies Registry, and other regulatory authorities. They are responsible for ensuring that the company's stakeholders are kept informed of relevant developments and that their interests are taken into account.​​

​Optional Services:

  • Change of company name (Limited Company)

  • Change of company name (Unlimited Company)

  • De-registration of limited company

  • De-registration of unlimited company

  • Change of registered address

  • Change of business nature

  • Add/Change of trade name

  • Add/Change of branch name

  • Appointment/Resignation of director/company secretary

  • Change particulars of director/company secretary

  • Allotment of shares/capital

  • Transfer of shares/capital HKD500


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